A blue oriental design vintage cabinet by Cotswold Grey

What is Oriental Design?

Many different things in the modern home are classed as oriental design, but where does the term come from? We chart the history and characteristics of Asian culture.
Guide to Displaying and Hanging Textiles

Guide to Displaying and Hanging Textiles

When designing the interior of your home, fabric is most definitely your friend. It’s versatile, tactile and comes in a wonderful array of colours, patterns and textures – allowing you to instantly inject a sense of personality to a space. A Unique Design Element that Brings Interest and Passion ...
A contemporary living room with an assortment of lights by Cotswold Grey

A Guide to Living Room Lighting

Discover inspiration for light fixtures and fitting in your living space! We look at ideas for roof and wall lighting, along with lamps to create the perfect interior design.
A selection of different colours on paper alongside paint brushes

How to Choose a Colour Scheme

Finding the perfect shades for your home interior can be challenging. However, with an understanding of colour theory and combinations, you can create a unique living space!