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Broste Copenhagen Nordic Sea Jug

Anybody who’s paid a visit to Cotswold Grey will know that “innovative” and and “different” are two of our favourite words. We’re always on the hunt for exciting new products that lead off the beaten path and onto a new phase of your design journey. Every so often though, it’s worth taking a moment to stop and reflect upon a classic. There are some objects that manage to evade the passage of time and style, hanging on to the same spark of excitement and energy that made them first stand out from the crowd years before.

Needless to say, pieces such as these are few and far between. Design houses may come and go without ever leaving behind a trace of their efforts. A select few will achieve perfection once or twice but only the very best will inspire a decades-long line-up of classic pieces that have become part of the vocabulary of a particular style. We are very privileged in being able to offer the work of one such rarefied brand here in the Cotswolds: Broste Copenhagen.


Great Scandinavian design

One of Scandinavia’s leading interior brands, Broste have a sixty-year tradition of scouring the globe for inspiration and materials. Seeking to preserve the individual character of every substance used, each one of their pieces is produced with a light touch and the utmost care. From hand-glazed tableware to luxurious throws, scented soy candles to elegant vases, each product combines the very best of Nordic tradition with contemporary verve. Great Scandinavian design grew out of the guiding principle that an object’s function was paramount. Out of practicality came beauty and simplicity of form. Broste live and breathe this philosophy and it is perhaps best expressed through their iconic range of tableware.

You’ll find two of Broste’s classic table designs in our showroom: Nordic Sea and Nordic Sand. They capture the very essence of the company and the refined elegance of Scandinavian design as a whole. Sea has an esteemed history and has been embraced by luxury hotels and purveyors of fine dining the world over. Its subtle colouring aims to capture the windswept beauty of the North Sea on a stormy day and hand-painted lines trace the shape of each piece like shifting waves across the surface of water. The Sand range looks back towards dry land and recalls the luminous shores of the Nordic regions. The gentle undulations in tone recall the delicate Northern light and bring a sense of peace to any dining table. Each piece is glazed by hand and is thus unique. The glaze responds differently to even the tiniest variation in the firing process, resulting in different colours and textures between batches.


Where design and function meet

Tableware is where design and function meet head-on. These practical objects play a key role in the rhythm of our lives but can often seem overlooked. Elegance and visual appeal are lost to the burden of repetition. We love Broste’s Nordic ranges because they retain that initial flash of beauty through years of hard use and inject a sense of harmony into the daily ritual of dining. A perfect distillation of design, Sea and Sand remain unchanged year on year yet never seem to age. That is the hallmark of a true classic.

We are pleased to offer a wide range of items from these two collections and have just received a new complement of pieces fresh from Copenhagen. We invite you to visit us and experience their timeless appeal for yourself.


Nordic Sand and Nordic Sea

Nordic Sand is an expansion of our popular Nordic Sea tableware. The colour is inspired by the sand found in the Nordic regions. The expression of Nordic Sand is simple, raw, and aesthetically pleasing at the same time. Every piece is unique and the glaze responds to the shifts in the firing process, resulting in different textures and colours.

Nordic Sea is a tableware selection featuring a colour scale that captures the colours of the North Sea on a stormy day. Every item is completely unique with a delicately textured stoneware glazed finish.

Nordic is the very essence of Broste Copenhagen and the first version – Nordic Sea – with its soft grey, green and blue hues and delicate hand-painted stripes inspired by the waves of the ocean

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