Room Fragrance

Keep your room feeling fresh with the crisp scent of an aromatic diffuser. An attractive room fragrance is a sure way to create a welcoming atmosphere in your home. Ours are created with natural ingredients to give delicious aromas. Whether it be a diffuser, a refill or a room spray, there are a range of options to ensure your interior remains pleasantly perfumed.

Zona Diffuser 250ml Keemun
Zona Diffuser 250ml Rose Madelaine
Zona Diffuser 250ml Spa & Massage
Zona Diffuser 100ml  Keemun
Zona Diffuser 100ml Rose Madelaine
Zona Refill Diffuser 250ml Amber & Incense
Zona Refill Diffuser 250ml Keemun
Zona Refill Diffuser 250ml Rose Madelaine
Cotswold Pure Botanicals Scented Candle - Mandarin & Cinnamon
Crybaby Candle
French Bulldog Scented Candle