Cashmere Throw - Light Blue Chevron

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Our luxurious cashmere throw is incredibly soft and warm yet surprisingly light.

Sourced on a recent trip to India, it hails from the Kashmir Valley at the foot of the Himalayas. Cashmere is an Anglicisation of Kashmir. The beautiful cloth is woven from the yarn of the cashmere goat, prized for its strength and softness. It's also seven to eight times more insulating than sheep's wool, so perfect for draping over your bed or sofa - or snuggling under in front of the fire.


Main Colours: Light Blue

Shape: Rectangular

Perfect for: Snuggling on the sofa

Cashmere is: Softer and 7-8 times warmer than traditional wool


Product Details

Key Materials: Cashmere

Size: L 280cm x W 140cm