Olivia Pink Handmade Moroccan Rug

  • £1,330.00
  • £1,660.00

This stunning pink handmade rug hails from M'Rirt village in Khenifra Province, Morocco. Utilizing high-grade wool from the region, these carpets are intricately knotted onto wooden looms, guaranteeing superior quality. The production process is artisanal, relying on natural resources and providing employment to many local families. This showstopping piece is designed to stand the test of time - boasting durability, wear-resistance, and is easy to maintain. Enjoy the plush, luxurious feel of this timeless rug in any setting.



Main Colours: Pink

Perfect for: Adding texture and warmth to your home.


Product Details

Key Materials: Wool (Lambs)

Size: L 260cm x W 173cm

Technique: Handwoven


Vacuum regularly on a gentle or low impact setting without spinning brushes to keep your rug clean and soft.

Should you accidentally spill something on your rug, ensure you blot it as soon as possible and spot clean with water and/or a mild detergent to avoid permanent staining.