Tall 2 Drawer Dresser - 216cm

  • £2,484.00
  • £2,760.00

Standing tall with an air of refined versatility, the two-drawer wooden dresser is designed to elevate both kitchen and living room spaces. Crafted from sturdy wood, the piece exudes a rustic charm that seamlessly blends with various interior styles. The dresser offers ample storage space, with two spacious drawers providing a haven for utensils, linens, or cherished keepsakes. Whether gracing a kitchen corner or enhancing a living room's aesthetic, this wooden dresser adds an element of warmth and organization, embodying the essence of timeless appeal.



Style Type: Functional yet stylish

Perfect for: Storage in the kitchen or living room 

Handle type: Metal rings

Product Details

Key Materials: Wood

Size: W 110cm x D 44cm x H 216cm