Wood and Iron Folding Console Table - 122cm x 60cm

  • £395.00

Crafted from antique wood, our Iron Folding Console Table makes a wonderfully unique addition to your interior space or outdoor area. Incredibly versatile with the ability to fold away, this table is perfect for use as your main dining table but also lends itself as a buffet table at gatherings with family or friends.  


Style Type:  Wood and Iron

Main Colours:  Dark brown

Finish Type:  Rustic

Perfect for:  Buffet table, outdoor table, serving table, sideboard

Heavy Duty/Unique/etc (positive feature): Fold away



Product Details

Key Materials: Wood, Iron

Size: L 122cm x W 60cm x H 75cm

Approx. Weight: 31.2Kg

Care Recommendation: E.g. Use a coaster, clean with a soft cloth, etc .