Transform your sofa and pull together the colours and textures of your interior with carefully placed cushions. Mix an assortment of shapes and patterns that draw on other elements in the room to create a cohesive, dreamy interior. Our collection of cushions includes faux fur for a luxurious note that lends warmth and elegance while the sheepskin and linen blends are perfect for an informal, country feel. Whatever your taste, our cushions will provide the finishing touches needed for a cosy and comforting room in which you can relax and unwind.
Hudson Cushion - Medium Square - Flax
Jasper Stripe Cushion - Large Square - Faded Black
Polar white cushion on grey dining chair
Cotswold Grey Faux Fur Black Bear Soft Cushion Pictured on Chair
Velvet Soft Cushion - Cream
Velvet Soft Cushion - Pale Green
Luxury Light Linen Cushion - Matcha
Maya Cushion - Ash Brown Blend