Cushions and Throws

Add texture and warmth to any space with sumptuous throws and blankets, perfect for chasing away the chill of the evening. 

Discover the intense softness of our cashmere throws, hand-dyed in the Kashmir Valley at the foot of the Himalayas. Relax into the Van Dyck collection, with their casual frayed edges and soft coloured cotton. Keep the cold at bay whilst adding a touch of luxury with our faux fur blankets. 

Our throws are varied in colour, soft to touch and carefully hand-made by artisans from around the world. 

Hudson Cushion - Medium Square - Flax
Polar white cushion on grey dining chair
Faux fur throw in black over grey dining chair
Faux fur throw in white over grey dining chair
Cotswold Grey Faux Fur Black Bear Soft Cushion Pictured on Chair