A zoomed out shot showing the ornament against a grey background
A set of three square solid wood display pedestals
Carved stone bowl, against concrete wall.
Free standing 'vintage' globe resting on a table top.
Carved Wooden Horse
Monk Head Polished Stone
Handmade wooden screen sat next to a pink chair
Buddha Head
Small Buddha
Stone Monk
Friendship Bench Sculpture
Double Brick Mould - Square
Life Reserver
Brass Lock
Bronze Goat Statue
Bronze Rhino Statue
Bronze Hippo Statue
Bronze Bull Statue
Wooden Carousel Horse Statue
Set of Three Monks
Artificial Red Maple Tree
Cherry Blossom Tree 7ft
Artificial Benjamina Ficus Tree 2.5m
Large Artificial Bay Tree
Artificial Bay Tree 5ft
Artificial Benjamina Ficus Tree 7ft
Bronze Large Fat Ladies - Handstand
Balancing Elephant - Iron Finish
Balancing Elephant - Oxidised Iron Finsh
New Highland Wolf Rug
New Zealand Sheepskin - Chocolate
Hand woven rug showing diamond pattern.