Frezoli Lighting

Connato Jug Lamp Grey
Disio 2 Old Blue Table Lamp
Silvio Ceramic Table Lamp
Tubino Desk Lamp Copper
Tubino Desk Lamp Dark Brown/Black Finish
Bizz Hanging Pendant Light
Lott Hanging Pendant Light
Connato Jug Lamp
Figo Jug Lamp
Lifestyle shot of Delphi desk lamp with copper shade
Lifestyle shot of the Delphi table lamp
Isola Lamp Base
The Skansen Table lamp with shade, pictured turned on sitting against a white background
Cast iron and steel desk lamp, in bronze with a brown patina
Bogera Outdoor Wall Lamp
Dicora Small Wooden Table Lamp - Old White
Spezia Desk Lamp
Acerti Jug Lamp Grey/White
Stays Floor Lamp - Matt Black
Huges Floor Lamp - Matt Black
Vechia Hanging Shade - Copper
Vechia Double Shade Pendant Light
Strado Small Plaster Lamp - Grey
Mira Floor Lamp - Lead grey
Soll Pendant Lamp
Borr Hanging Lamp Copper
Frezoli Pendant Lamp - Matt Black
Mazz Floor Lamp - Matt Black
Mira Floor Lamp - Copper
Camina Adjustable Floor Lamp
Zanneti Floor Lamp
Studio shot of the tierlantijn garda adjustable lamp made of copper, iron and steel