Auburn Bed Cover - Stripe

  • £680.00

Crafted from 100% Belgian linen, this bed cover is the perfect accessory to add warmth and texture to your home. With a simple design of navy and bronze stripes atop an ecru base, this cover will bring a sense of sophistication and elegance to any room. Drape over a bed to add softness to your resting space or place near your sofa, ready to snuggle up with to keep the chill away. 

Libeco have been creating luxury linen home furnishings and accessories for over 150 years. Using premium and sustainable materials, each timeless piece in the collection has been designed and crafted by expert craftsmen from the finest Belgian linen. Each yard of fabric is carefully inspected before leaving production, with imperfections mended by hand to ensure premium quality. 


Main Colours: Cream, Blue, Bronze

Perfect for: Gifting, Adding character to your home

Product Details

Key Materials: Linen

Size: L 280cm x W 240cm

Care Recommendation: Wash at 40°C max, use a gentle soap.