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Seaside sideboard, from Cotswold Life "True Blue" advert

We’re a creative bunch here at Cotswold Grey. We count a painter, a potter and a calligrapher amongst our ranks and we’re constantly experimenting with new trends and ideas in our showroom. What links us all together is a passion for good design and a desire to make our surroundings a little more beautiful. With five thousand square feet of retail space, there’s plenty of room to indulge this drive.


Good design is obvious; great design is transparent

We don’t like to keep this ethos confined to just the inside of the shop though – we believe it should be shared. A common saying in the creative field is that “good design is obvious; great design is transparent”. Our favourite way of expressing this mantra is through the window displays that we create on the High Street in Moreton-in-Marsh.

This enterprise is very much a group affair. Everybody has their own keen eye and a distinct sense of style. It’s not uncommon for a design to evolve over several weeks as each person contributes to it – they’ve even been known to change after installation to accommodate some exciting new item that has just arrived! We’re a little restless and like to keep things moving, with a new display in each window every two weeks at least.


True Blue

With winter rapidly fading and the first stirrings of spring we’ve chosen a light, elegant motif in the shop this week. We call it “True Blue”. We wanted to capture something of blue skies and bright, clean air. Accents of gold and some carefully-chosen neutrals lift the overall effect to create a calm and classic design scheme. We couldn’t resist adding some linens and breathable cottons to conjure up the freshness of a warm spring breeze too. You can almost feel it fluttering through the shop.


 An inspiring first step

You’ll find every single item in our displays available to buy in the showroom, but for us a good window display is more than simply a way of displaying our wares. It should demonstrate the full potential of what you can achieve in your home. With a simple idea and a few personal touches, it’s amazing what you can achieve. We like to think of it as the perfect fusion of art and life. Perhaps William Morris said it best: “If I were asked to say what is at once the most important production of Art and the thing most to be longed for, I should answer, a beautiful house.” We hope that you’ll find our displays an inspiring first step on the road to creating your own beautiful and personal living environment. 

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