An eagerly-awaited delivery

This week at Cotswold Grey saw the arrival of an eagerly-awaited delivery. Beautiful things often come in plain packages and sure enough, the scuffed and dusty shipping container that rumbled slowly into place in front of the shop on Monday morning was loaded to the brim with treasures from one of our favourite suppliers. A family company with an eye for the unusual and fantastic quality, Van Thiel & Co. lovingly create exquisite reproductions of original antique furniture and objects. Each piece that leaves their workshops is imbued with a keen sense of integrity and devotion to the spirit of the original that inspired it. One of the highlights of their collection is a stunning range of ceramics that we are thrilled to be able to offer to our customers in the Moreton-in-Marsh showroom.


A special place in our homes and hearts

Ceramics enjoy a special place in our homes and our hearts. Accessible to everybody, they tend to stay with us for far longer than other items around the house and in doing so become part of the story of our lives. It’s a rare household that doesn’t include a treasured heirloom handed down from a relative or friend and these quiet, elegant pieces add effortless substance to our rooms and décor.


Telling stories

As much as making furniture, Van Thiel & Co. tell stories. Each piece that they create conjures up a particular place in history while sitting comfortably in the present. Take their glazed celadon vases, for example. Treasured by the Chinese Imperial Court for centuries, these simple vessels also sit beautifully in unfussy contemporary rooms where their clean lines and fresh colour sing. The gentle duck-egg blue glaze was originally created to mimic the colour of highly-prized jade but now it speaks equally of clear skies and open spaces. They allow a room to breathe.


Patterns to lift your space

Meanwhile, if you are looking for a subtle hint of pattern to lift a space you could consider the lidded jasmine tea jar. Blue and white is one of the most popular colour combinations in history and it comes originally from Chinese pottery in the 9th Century. It has continued to influence everything from fashion to interiors right through to the present day. These stunning pieces of porcelain thus offer a bit of contemporary glamour along with the finest possible pedigree. They work particularly well when placed against neutral tones where they add depth and movement to a room.

Now that everything has been carefully unpacked we are very excited to display these vases, jars and bowls in the shop. Do pay us a visit to explore the potential of these wonderful pieces for yourself.

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