How to Choose the Best Style Rug for Your Room

Going in search of a new rug is a simple, stylish and effective way of updating flooring, as well as injecting colour, comfort and dynamic to a room! A well-chosen rug has the power to transform the entire aesthetic of a room, depending on its style and setting. Additionally, better quality rugs (where possible), are also more likely to pack a punch- as well as stand the test of time with everyday wear and tear (which comes with the nature of floor rugs!)

Picking the type of rug you want can be a complicated task. There are so many styles to choose from, from oriental rugs to geometric rugs

However, before you invest in a new, quality rug, there are some things to consider:

Room Type

If you’re hoping to lay down a new rug in a kitchen or a hallway, you’ll want to think about getting a rug that will endure lots of footwork! Some areas of the house are regularly walked through- by yourself and your guests- so it’ll be important to invest in a durable type of rug in these rooms. Slightly darker shades or patterned designs are also best for this type of room, to cover footprints in-between cleaning.

For bedrooms or guest rooms, for example, you might be more inclined to go with a material that’s more cosy or soft, simply because it won’t take so much ‘tread’ and spoil. Colours can often be lighter or more delicate in this type of room too.

Rug Size

It’s important you measure the space of the room that you intend to place the rug. Knowing your dimensions will make all the difference to how the rug visually appears in your room. It’s called a ‘floating rug’ when you have a small rug, not touching any furniture, sitting in the middle of a room (looking a bit lost!)  You don’t want this.

A good rug should tie the dynamics of the room together, so if that needs you need to opt for a larger size, then do so.

Shape of the Rug

Deciding on which shape is another thing to consider. Rugs come in circular, square, rectangular (and sometimes even other) shapes. The one you pick will depend on any furniture you’re pairing it with, as well as create differing effects.

You may choose a circular rug to sit underneath a circular shaped dining table for example: this would be well paired. Alternatively, a rectangular rug may be best to elongate a room or hallway, whereas a square rug might be suitable between armchairs in a lounge, for example. Consider the space and consider the place the shape will fit!


Colour, pattern and style will make a big difference- perhaps even the biggest. Rugs can be a great way to add a splash of colour to your room, or maybe even make a statement or focal point! Bold, coloured rugs are best for this.

Patterned rugs can add some dynamic and personality to your room but take care to avoid clashes or too much pattern. In room that already has lots going on visually, it’s best to stick to plain rug designs.


Different rug fibres will be better suited to different families and needs. Consider what’s appropriate for you and your usage.

  • Acrylic rugs, for example, are hard wearing and easy to clean. It’s also usually cheaper and less fluffy, making it a good option if you have pets or young children!
  • Polypropylene is hardwearing too, however, it can be made to feel very soft with developed fibres. Although it’s a little more expensive, this is good for a sense of balance.
  • Viscose is less durable but adds a sense of luxury or sheen, so might be more aesthetically suited (but not always apt for areas with lots of treading.)
  • Cotton rugs are usually made a in a flat weave design, cotton rugs are again not so durable but is a softer material than comparatives.
  • For rugs by the fire, wool is often used for its heat resistance. In addition to this, it’s usually durable as well as being soft underfoot, so wool is a favourable choice.
  • Sisal is very hard wearing, perhaps a little coarse. However, be wary it’s not good with water so special dry-cleaning kits will be required if you opt for a rug of this material.
  • Jute is another highly durable material, made with natural fibres.

Overall, when it comes to choosing the best style of rug for you and your room, take your time to consider all the above factors. Ensure you buy the best for your money, as well as invest in a quality rug that will serve you well for the longest time!

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