A sea change is coming in interior design, the like of which we’ve not seen for years. It goes without saying that the world suddenly feels like a very unfamiliar place, with social and political turbulence the new order of things. Our homes have always been our refuge from the raging storms and 2018 sees a new trend ready to transform the way we think about our living space: maximalism. 

For a long time now we’ve been accustomed to thinking about design through the prism of the sleek, pared-back Scandi aesthetic; elegance and simplicity have been our guiding principles and we’ve become well-acquainted with the power of restraint. Forget all that in 2018; more is now most definitely more. With maximalism everything is fair game; there are no rules and the most important thing is to assert the full force of your personality. Lay it on thick, experiment with colours, texture and pattern. Above all, have FUN. This movement works best when you give yourself free reign to indulge in the designs that bring you the most happiness. The world is uncertain enough without limiting yourself at home! 

Here at Cotswold Grey we’ve long admired the power of quirky, unexpected arrangements. Take a stroll through our showroom and you’ll find exquisite hand-woven Indian tapestries sharing space with sturdy industrial cabinets and refined bronzes cosying up with a carved wooden dinosaur. The only principle is to embrace what works. Our favourite way of adding some eclecticism into the mix though is through the use of colour and pattern, and we can think of no better way of dipping your toe into the maximalist pool than the use of statement rugs and cushions. 

Both of these accessories offer a quick and easy way of transforming any space, while also allowing you the flexibility to make adjustments to your scheme as it evolves. Regular visitors to the shop will know all about the Rug Shed that we opened last summer and this week we've unveiled a whole new collection of patterned rugs for 2018. Whether it’s bold geometric pattern, opulent Persian florals or shimmering colour you prefer, you’ll find hundreds of possibilities waiting to be explored. All shapes and sizes are covered, whether you’re just looking to zhuzh up a hallway or overhaul a living room. Many of our designs are one-offs and we’re very proud of our collections. Best of all, as a way of celebrating the clean slate and exciting potential of a New Year, we’re offering our customers a whopping 50% off every single one of our rugs for a limited time only. 

If it’s a smaller statement you’re looking to make, you’ll find an exciting new range of hand-stitched cushions fresh from the looms of our weavers in India. Sumptuously-coloured in a range of eye-popping tones, they’re a fantastic way of adding a little decadence and excitement to any room. Combining textures and patterns are definitely the way to go in 2018.

Pop into our showroom in Moreton and we’ll show you the fun and potential that are waiting to be unleashed in your interiors this year. Remember: more is more and fun is the way forward!

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