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 Every room in the home is a stage. Our furnishings are the supporting roles around which we spin the narrative of our daily lives and set the mood of the story we wish to tell about ourselves. The choicest parts have traditionally gone to those hefty pieces that speak in a firm voice about our tastes and sense of style; we tend to think of items like sofas, tables and chairs as the boldest statement of intent that we can make and have focused our attention accordingly.

This however, is beginning to change. These days the onus is increasingly upon renting and improving rather than moving, and nothing makes a space your own and transforms it so dramatically as a statement rug. It’s hard to think of an object that offers the same degree of versatility, both in price and manoeuvrability. Filling a room with new furniture might cost thousands but a hand-woven, artisanal rug can electrify the space for a fraction of this amount and can be easily rearranged without the need for several pairs of hands. Think of a good rug as a hard-working art object for your floor.

Here at Cotswold Grey we wander to the far corners of the globe searching for high-quality pieces that will get people talking. During the last six months we’ve threaded our way across Northern India and returned with several collections of exquisite woven rugs that we feel capture the rich history of the craft while also incorporating the best of modern design.

Our exclusive Barfly range for example is produced by hand in the ancient weaving centre of Varanasi. Designed in collaboration with a renowned manufacturer, the wool and textured viscose blend is woven skilfully into intersecting bands of subtle colour that demonstrate the incredibly lustrous and complex effects that can be created by expert hands and seasoned eyes. These rugs appear at first almost minimalist but the sumptuous effects created by the layering of tones bring both warmth and energy to a room; a perfect fusion of art and function.

The importance of craft is front and centre in the Bikaner collection, a group of individually hand made rugs sourced from the Rajasthan region.  This part of India is home to the largest wool industry in Asia so the quality of the material used in these pieces is exceptional. A good woollen rug will offer excellent resistance to soiling due to the natural oils contained within the fibres and the strength of the pile means that they will “bounce” back and maintain a fresh appearance for many many years. The chunky weave of our Bikaner collection offers the last word in durability for high-traffic rooms and are a splendid showcase for dazzling takes on traditional Indian patterns.

In addition to these collections we’ve also returned from our travels with dozens of one-off rugs that will make a unique and lasting statement in your home. Each artisan has their own preferred taste and the sheer variety in these pieces is mind-blowing. For every subtle, elegant design there is another that pushes the boundaries of what is achievable with colour and texture. Available in all manner of sizes and effects, we’re incredibly proud to have been able to bring a taste of this ancient and vibrant craft to the Cotswolds and are sure that you’ll be bowled over by the extent of the skill on display.  

A statement rug offers the opportunity to transform a room dramatically and quickly; cared for properly these precious objects will last a lifetime and become woven indelibly into the heart of your home. Embrace the unique skill and flair of these pieces with a visit to the Rug Shed in our garden on Moreton High Street. Once these designs have gone, they’re gone!  

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