Handmade finish, authentic natural materials and robust presentation are the hallmarks of TierlanTijn’s range of artisan lighting. Produced using entirely traditional methods with a keen focus on quality design, their lighting solutions bring integrity and originality to any interior.  

The company’s story began in a little shed in the Netherlands village of Rijsbergen back in 1994. Paula Gelissen - along with her sons Michel and Martijn - began experimenting with moulds to create plaster and concrete ornaments and soon found a market for their handmade products. As the years passed, the two brothers gradually found themselves focusing more and more on the production of distinctive and innovative lighting. Their collection grew rapidly and in 2000 it became necessary to move to a larger building, where TierlanTijn remain today. The brothers still oversee the design and production of their products and the company is known for its quality and craftsmanship. 

A focus on stunning natural materials such as copper, weather-beaten wood and stoneware gives Tierlantijn’s range a distinctive aesthetic
that celebrates clean lines and unfussy surfaces. No detail is superfluous and every element of every object has been carefully considered.

Not content to merely explore style over function, many of their lamps are fully adjustable, ensuring that there is a lighting solution for
every situation. 

TierlanTijn also design and produce a range of shades to accompany their lamps, hand-stitched from heavy linens and of impeccable quality. Interchangeable between different pieces, they perfectly compliment the company’s fine, simple and solid finish and create a striking design statement.

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