Our Top 100 Christmas Gift Guide

Our Top 100 Christmas Gift Guide

With the festive season fast approaching, now is the perfect time to gather an array of unique and thoughtful gifts for the ones you love. Whether you’re treating family, friends, colleagues, neighbours (or simply yourself!) you can discover wonderful presents for everyone here at Cotswold Grey. From textured frames that showcase precious memories, to sumptuous robes that are "cosy-night-in" worthy, you can have peace of mind knowing that this year's Christmas shopping is sorted!

1. Minimalist Chess Set

Chess Set

2. Geo Stripe Inlay Trinket Box

Trinket Box

3. Skane Textured Photo Frame

Picture frame

4. Bauble Snowflake Silver 

5. Silver Deer Candle Holder - Small

Silver Deer Candle Holder

6. Textured Glass Candle Holder

Textured Glass Candle Holder

7. Black Onyx Gold Plated Necklace 1

Black Onyx Necklace

8. Black Onyx Gold Plated Necklace 2

Black Onyx Necklace

9. Grey Aquamarine Gold Plated Necklace 1

Aquamarine Necklace II

10. Grey Aquamarine Gold Plated Necklace 2

Aquamarine Necklace

11. Beauty Begins Quote Framed Print

Beauty Begins Print

12. Classic Yacht Print 1 Framed Print

Yacht Print I

13. Classic Yacht Print 2 Framed Print

Yacht Print II

14. Classic Yacht Print 3 Framed Print

Yacht Print Framed III

15. Full of Love Framed Print

Full of love

16. Champagne Quote Framed Print

Champagne Framed Print

17. Framed Set of Portraits by Valentina Ravagni

Set of Portraits framed

18. Adisa Bauble Jar Antique Silver

Adisa Bauble Jar

19. Adisa Bauble Jar Mixed Colours

Adisa Bauble Jar Mixed Colours

20. Jasmine Eternity Silver Bauble

Silver Jasmine Bauble

21. Bauble Treasure Leaf Gold

Leaf Gold Bauble

22. Heaven Teardrop Silver Bauble

Teardrop Bauble Heaven

23. Kira Tree - Brown/Snowy

Kira Tree 34L - Brown/Snowy
24. Nynne Snowflake Lights

Nynne Snowflake Lights 20L
25. Knirke Dot Lights

Knirke Dot Lights 20L
26. Hot Water Bottle Cover - Cappuccino

27. Hot Water Bottle Cover – Graphite

28. Hot Water Bottle Cover – Light Grey

29. Hot Water Bottle Cover – Pearl

30. Hot Water Bottle Cover – Taupe

31. New Zealand Sheepskin Cover – Linen

32. New Zealand Sheepskin Cover – Steel

33. New Zealand Sheepskin Cover – Taupe

34. New Zealand Sheepskin Cover – Walnut

35. Bath Robe – Sage Green

Sage Green Waffle Robe

36. Bath Robe – Vintage Rose


Rose Waffle Robe

37. Bath Robe – Grey

Grey waffle robe

38. Bath Robe – Sky Blue

Sky blue waffle robe

39. Pine Cone Candle Holder - Small

Pine cone candle holder

40. Shanxi Stool - Round

41. Shanxi Stool - Rectangular

42. Cashmere Throw - Charcoal

43. Cashmere Throw - Cherry

44. Cashmere Throw - Mist

Mist Cashmere

45. Troyes Champagne Bucket: Nickel

46. Broste Champagne Glasses

47. Ithaca Salad Bowl

48. Dark Moon Pebble Coupe Plate 30cm

Dark Moon Pebble Coupe Plate 30cm
49. Celestial Pebble Coupe Plate 

50. Cotswold Grey Champagne Bucket: Nickel

51. Aube Champagne Bucket in Brass

52. Broste Nordic Sea Serving Bowl

53. Ithaca Mug

54. Ithaca Serving Tray

55. Light Moon Walled Plate 15cm

56. Strata Walled Plate 27cm

57. Jilin Wooden Concave Stool

58. 13cm Rustic Candle: Sense No 15

59. 20cm Metallic Rustic Cylindrical Candle: Antique Gold 

60.  Broste Scented Candle: Calming Tea Ivory

61. Broste Scented Candle: Mandarin and Vanilla

62. Small Artichoke Candleholder - White

63. Broste Scented Candle - Jasmin

64. Faux Fur Smoke Blue Cushion

65. Faux Fur Polar White Cushion

Polar white cushion on grey dining chair
66. Faux Fur Black Bear Cushion

67. Terra Lunaire Glass Tealight Holder

Terre Lunaire Glass Tealight Holder
68. Broste Scented Candle - Morning

69. Cashmere Throw - Merlot and Sand 

Merlot and Sand
70. Pineapple Bauble Gold/Green

Pineapple Bauble
71. Ben Rothery The Stag Artwork

Print of drawing of a black and white stag with large horns facing slightly off centre
72. Cashmere Throw - Black

Black Cashmere Throw
73. Sheepskin - Natural Light

74. Sheepskin - Natural Dark

75. Sheepskin - Ivory

76. Broste Bubble Red Wine Glasses

77. Broste Nordic Sea Salad Bowl

78. Cashmere Throw - Light Blue Chevron

79. Balancing Elephant Statue

80. Set of 4 Midford Napkin Holders

81. Cashmere Throw - Lilac

82. Xmas Tree Bauble - Clear

Xmas Tree Bauble Clear

83. Cashmere Throw - Blue

84. Nordic Sea Rectangular Platter

85. 8cm Metallic Rustic Spherical Candle: Gold No.8

8cm Metallic Rustic Spherical Candle - Gold No.8

86. Saturn Bauble Gold

Saturn Bauble Gold

87. Fizz Champagne Bucket in Nickel

88. Nordic Sand Side Plate

89. Ambonnay Champagne Bucket - Brass

90. Kabuli Throw - Charcoal

91. Broste Nordic Sea Mug with Handle

92. Broste Nordic Sand Sugar Bowl

93. Damery Champagne Bucket in Nickel

94. Farah Inlay Rectangular Mirror - 40 x 80

95. 30cm Metallic Tapered Candles - Antique Gold

96. Cashmere Throw - Pale Duck Egg Blue

Pale Duck Egg Blue

97. Farah Inlay Mirror Square - 50cm

98. Gift Voucher £25

99. Gift Voucher £50

100. Gift Voucher £100

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