The famous blue streets of Chefchaouen in Morocco

How to Create a Moroccan-Inspired Interior?

The sights, sounds and scents of Morocco are intoxicating. This diverse country appeals to nomadic travellers, affluent jetsetters and all in between. With a fascinating history, awe-inspiring landscape and diverse culture, it’s a rich source of inspiration for interior design. If you’ve been inspired by Morocco’s distinctive patterns and textures and are planning a Moroccan theme for your home, we have a few top tips for designing your interior.


Patterns and Layering

Browsing through Moroccan-inspired interiors on Pinterest and Instagram will present an array of distinctively patterned furnishings – in colour combinations which range from vivid hues to more subtle neutrals. With a Moroccan theme, embrace contrasting patterns to create a vibrant yet relaxing space. Layering and uniting different colours and textures will instantly generate visual appeal and add personality to the room.

Top tip: when layering with patterns, try to include one recurring colour in each piece you add to ensure every element contributes to the overarching theme of the room.


Varying texture brings depth and interest to your interior. Create visual impact with sofas, pouffes, cushions and rugs made from different materials and of different thicknesses and add plenty! Whether soft and fuzzy or bulky and rough, the combination of textures will form a seductive and pleasing space.

Three orange and yellow coloured scarfs hanging.

Powerful Colours

Inspiration is in abundance around every corner in Morocco, and one thing likely to grab your attention instantly is the powerful and strong colours. They’re bright, bold and beautiful. Warm reds, rich blues and sharply contrasting neutrals are lavishly used and can bring warmth and global style to a space.

Moroccan themed placemats.

Moroccan-Inspired Furniture

With influences from Africa, Europe and Arabia, Moroccan furniture effortlessly fuses styles from across the globe. Decorative carvings, ornate ironwork and delicate inlays make furniture that has stunning detail and interest. Combining natural materials such as wood with details in metal and bone makes for stunning statement pieces that are as much works of art as they are furniture.

A Moroccan-inspired chest of drawers

Moroccan Pouffe

Add an exotic feel to your décor with an ottoman or pouffe. These iconic pieces of furniture are a must-have if you’re trying to achieve a Moroccan look because they’re staples in homes large and small across the country.



Distinctive patterns and colours extend to Moroccan-style flooring. Moroccan women have woven rugs to adorn their homes for centuries in designs featuring distinctive patterns that reflect their tribal origins, lifestyle and sometimes even marital status! Each is a handmade masterpiece, woven from warm wools in neutral colours, often on a cream background - some infused with an unexpected pop of bright colour. Patterns vary from the familiar diamond motif to abstract symbols. Adorn your flooring with a luxurious, indulgent Moroccan style rug and use them to create definitive areas within the room.

A Moroccan style rug hanging on a wall.


Add exotic flair with vivid and fun mosaic tiles. They offer a colour-feast for your eyes, lifting your interior and mood to match. Moroccan tiles use striking and rhythmic patterns, usually across the entire room. This can be a bold move, and if you’re looking to enhance with just a splash of these striking additions, then adding them to your fireplace, around mirrors or windowsills can bring the Moroccan vibrancy you’re looking for, without them being too overwhelming.

Multi-coloured Moroccan floor tiles.


Bring the outdoors in. Create a sanctuary to retreat to, a place of serenity and calm by adding plants to your home. Choose evergreen varieties to ensure year-round interest and place them in a textured pot or woven basket to add impact and Moroccan style.

An indoor plant with dark green leaves.

Have you been inspired by the energising Moroccan theme and are looking to incorporate it into your home’s interior? We would love to see any changes that you’ve made! Pap your place and send us photos via our social media channels.

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