Patchwork Rugs - Bringing traditional Eastern culture to your home

Patchwork is common across many items, including quilts, clothing and rugs. The earliest examples of patchwork being used, that we know about, were in tombs in Egypt and in China's early age. Patchwork has continued to be used throughout history, and the design style remains popular today. It's a way of bringing several different design ideas together, to form one whole.

One part of the world where patchwork is an especially popular style of rug is Turkey. Different designs from eastern culture are brought together in one attractive rug that can brighten any home. A patchwork rug makes an excellent addition to the interior design of any property. 

How is a patchwork rug made?

There are slightly different methods and materials used in the creation of different patchwork rugs, but the basic process is similar. Patches that have been either newly created, or recycled from other rugs or carpets, are attached to a backing.

The backing is often made from a further piece of matting that has had its colour removed. This means that patchwork rugs tend to have high levels of durability. This can be an important benefit in a busy home. The attachment process is often completed using hand stitching, with patches being labelled, to make sure they are attached to the backing in the right place. The end result is a beautiful rug that combines different colours and designs to make one impressive whole.

The character that you get from a patchwork rug

There is nothing quite like a patchwork rug when it comes to floor covering that has character. Patches that are included can be taken from floor covering that is decades old. The patches help to blend the past with the present.

Patchwork rugs can also contain a myriad of different features which create a talking point in any home. You can place a patchwork rug on a wooden or stone floor to create a warm and engaging feel. The rug is a great place to curl up in front of the fire on cold winter evenings. You can also use a patchwork rug on top of a plain carpet, to provide a splash of colour.

Recycling old carpets to make new rugs

We live in a world where we are close to exhausting many of the planet's natural resources. We also continue to pollute the environment with many of our production processes. For these reasons, it makes sense to recycle as much as possible.

Not every patchwork rug involves the use of recycling, but many do. Pieces of rugs of carpets that are no longer in a usable state, but still have some parts that are in good condition, are brought together, to create a completely new rug that is highly durable and creative.

Using patchwork to design a rug is an excellent way to create a unique product while also helping to protect the planet.

Why buy a patchwork rug – in summary

You may still be wondering whether buying a patchwork rug is a good idea for you. Let's summarise the benefits, to help you decide.

  • Patchwork rugs combine different design styles and colours to create a completely new design idea.
  • A patchwork rug has a high level of durability, so it's perfect for use in a busy household where it will get plenty of use.
  • Having a patchwork rug in your home means that you can create a focal point in any room.
  • Patchwork rugs that represent eastern culture are especially popular and can help you to bring part of that culture into your own home.
  • Many patchwork rugs are created using pieces of recycled rug or carpet. This means that their creation has less impact on the environment than the creation of many other floor coverings.
Hopefully, you can see how bringing traditional eastern culture into your home, in the form of a patchwork rug, is beneficial. In investing in a patchwork rug, you can bring a breath of fresh air to your property with a stunning rug that is made to stand the test of time.

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