A traditional bedroom interior with wooden walls and roof by Cotswold Grey

How to Transform Your Bedroom

There are few rooms in the house as important as the bedroom. This is the place where we go at the end of a busy day to relax, unwind and prepare for the next one!

Many of us take pleasure from being able to rest and recuperate in a simple, soft space with neutral colours and a big bed we can sink into at night. While that’s great for catching some sleep, it can leave bedrooms feeling a little bland in their style.

While bedrooms must create a relaxing environment, with a few small changes, they can achieve so much more! Here, we provide a few tips for anyone looking to inject some energy back into their hibernating space.

Inject Some Colour

Arguably the easiest way to bring some energy into any room is to give its colour scheme a refresh. Introducing some new colours can have a particularly strong effect in the bedroom, which traditionally uses large swathes of white and other neutrals.

Statement Walls

There are many quick and easy ways you can incorporate more colour into your space. Using brightly-shaded throws or show pillows allow you to bring energy into the bedroom without having to transform the interior fully.

If you really want to make an impact, however, then consider adding a statement wall. When offset by a neutral room, a colourful wall can make a significant impression as a focal point in the space.

Before you create a statement wall, make sure you read our blog on how to choose a colour scheme.

A modern bedroom with yellow bed and dark walls by Cotswold Grey 

Add Texture

Another great way of adding some more dimensions to your bedroom style is by adding more texture. Similar to the point on colour, a bland, wholly neutral layout can sometimes make everything in the space blend into one. Create more detail in your space by introducing new fixtures, such as a deep green plant or a vintage Moroccan print rug.

Reposition Your Bed

An inexpensive, albeit slightly laborious, way of transforming your bedroom is the repositioning of furniture. This may, of course, depend on how much space you have in your bedroom, but you may be surprised just how much of a transformation can be achieved by simply moving furniture around.

A New Outlook

In most cases, the idea with repositioning furniture is to free up as much space as possible to allow more air and life to flow around the room. However, with a bedroom, other factors should be considered.

Your bed still needs to be in a comfortable position in the room, so consider things such as natural light, access and so on. You may also want to consider the Feng-shui of the bedroom, especially if you’re looking to create a calmer space than before.

Highlight Statement Pieces

Repositioning items in the bedroom is also a great way of bringing eyes back to where you want them in the space. If you have stunning pieces that you want people to be looking at as they enter, make sure they’re not only well positioned but also free from clutter, allowing them to shine.

Showcase Your Style

It is through showstopping items that a unique interior is created. If you have a luxury nightstand or vanity dressing table, make sure it is clean and organised if you want your style to stand out. If you’re not sure what your statement piece is, then consider adding something unique, whether that’s a beautiful piece of art or an eye-catching mirror.

Keep a Cohesive Space

Once you have your statement piece, you might want to consider creating the style of the room around that. If it’s a metallic roof light, then look to create a sleek, contemporary design. On the other hand, a family portrait might lend itself to a softer, more vintage interior. Make sure every part of the room is singing from the same hymn sheet to nail your look!

We hope that these ideas will inspire you to transform your bedroom! If you’re hoping to introduce more love to your space, why not read our other blog on how to create a romantic bedroom?

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