A bedroom interior with pale colours

How to Create a Romantic Bedroom

Ah… it’s that time of year again. February 14th. The most romantic day of the year is upon us, so it’s time to make sure your boudoir is looking its dreamy best.

More important than any room in the house for your emotional wellbeing – at this and any other time of year - your bedroom needs to be an inviting sanctuary to retreat to.

Setting the Scene

Whatever your interior design tastes, creating a romantic bedroom is about creating the mood, and that means designing a space which appeals to the senses.

Take inspiration from the bedrooms of boutique hotels designed by the pro’s: their styles differ widely, but all are inviting cocoons of luxury and comfort.

A bedroom interior with dark colours and lighting

Beautiful Beds

The bed is the centrepiece of the room and should be well-dressed and seductive. Glam up yours with an oversized velvet headboard and a gorgeous faux-fur or vintage quilted silk throw. Pile on the pillows and add satin sheets and covers for a luxurious look and seductive feel.

If a lighter style is more you, go for a modern four-poster in pale wood with sheer white drapes or create your own canopy with a corona or frame suspended from the ceiling. Add crisp white cotton bedding for a cloud-like setting that’s airy and fresh and transports you to the tropics – albeit in your dreams…

Layered Lighting

Lighting is key to creating a romantic mood. A chandelier – traditional or modern – can be a stunning romantic centrepiece to a bedroom and a dimmer switch will allow you to set the tone.

Alluring strings of twinkling fairy lights draped over canopies and headboards add ethereal charm. Bedside tables are the perfect prop for candles or table lamps that cast a gentle glow. Augment the effect with mirrors or mirrored units that add shimmer to the scene.

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A bedroom interior with plum-coloured walls and a luxury metal bathtub

Colours of Love

Red is well known for being the colour of love, so bring elements of it into your bedroom in tones that appeal to your senses. Jewel-like crimson creates glamour and drama, and raspberry radiates romantic vibes; both can look wonderful offset by the proverbial shades of grey.

Pink is a gentler but equally passionate tone which partners well with white to make it pop as well as look pretty. It can be given punch when offset by walls painted deep navy or plum, moody colours that make a bedroom mysterious and magical.

If you want to create a calmer vibe, you could choose neutrals. Use grey, taupe or beige for a peace-inducing space and limit your palette to tints and tones of the same neutral for a sophistication.

Make it Personal

Your bedroom is the most personal space in your home, so your design scheme should include pieces that have special meaning for you. These could consist of a nostalgic rug patchwork from earlier in your life or romantic imagery for surfaces and walls: portrait photographs of loved ones or seductive art that’s personal to you.

A bedroom with a pale blue wall and hanging art

This is the one room that’s private and off-limits to anyone else, so when it comes to decorating, you can let your imagination go wild and do whatever you like. Take note that the function of your bedroom is not to perform chores so banish ironing boards and any other items lurking there that scream ‘housework’ – at least for Valentines Day.

Here’s to creating a space you never want to leave!

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