Light it Up - The Vintage Trend

When it comes to the interior design of a home, people tend to go one of two ways – either super modern or looking for a ‘vintage style’ When we talk about ‘vintage’, however, there are a number of different trends which hark back to different periods in the past.

One of the best ways to create a ‘vintage’ look in your home, is through the use of antiques or ‘old-looking’ accessories. Frezoli Lighting is a great example of how new objects can look vintage, while benefitting from modern technology and everything that comes with it. By using modern pieces with a vintage look, you can get the comfort and functionality of a new piece, with the style and class of an antique piece.

How to get a Rustic Style

The rustic style is all about comfort and functionality. It is about having a cosy, cottage-y feel and can be created using a lot of wood, stone and other natural materials. Whilst you can keep it clean and organised looking, you don’t need to worry about making sure your surfaces are completely smooth and your lines completely straight.

You can use natural colours and fabrics, stone floors or floorboards with plenty of rugs, rustic vintage lamps, chunky tables and open fireplaces to give your home a cosy feel. The use of lamps is a great way to take away the harsh glare of a central light. By using several lamps with a gentler light spaced around the room, you will create a more rustic and cosier atmosphere.

Getting the Shabby Chic Look

Shabby chic is all about elegance, nostalgia and creativity and this is why it is such a popular style – and has been for years. A lot of people use upcycling and restoration to get the furniture that they want for their homes, but a few artisan pieces such as some artwork, a lamp or some ornaments can give your shabby chic room some real style and class.

To get the shabby chic look, you should be looking at pastel colours, with a lot of the same colour, upholstery, classic prints, lace, distressed wood and mismatched pieces.

How to get the Industrial/Steampunk Style

Relatively new to the vintage scene is the industrial/steampunk style. This style has quite a cold look, but the lighting can make it feel warmer. Creating this look involves a lot of uncovered brick walls, copper piping, technical drawings, cogs, visible bulb filaments and exposed mechanisms. The look is meant to reflect the industrial age.

Typical steampunk or industrial colours include metals, brown, cream, black, white, dark green and dark red, and you can use maps or technical drawings to decorate the walls. Feature objects like industrial looking lamps, globes, leather furniture, old items such as barometers, telescopes and thermometers and Victorian wallpapers are a great way to add to the look.

The Victorian Look

The Victorian house look is becoming popular again among interior designers. The ‘Victorian look’ is all about elegance and attention to detail. Victorian style is based on either showing your wealth or pretending to be wealthy, so you need your space to be based around class, style and elegance. Whilst the look is about the perception of wealth, you don’t need your room to be crammed full of ‘things’ but more a few choice, expensive looking items.

You can use wood panelling to give you the blank canvass on which you can build your design or decorate your walls on the lower half with panelling and upper with a highly decorative wallpaper. Opulent fabrics such as velvet and leather, or accessories with a lot of intricate detail are also great ways to get the Victorian look.

Going Bohemian

The Bohemian style is derived from a vintage gypsy style. One could almost call it ‘hippy’ as it involves a lot of floral designs, fabric and `reckless abandon`. You can cover almost anything with a throw or some other fabric, mix old and new and fill any space that you have with something you love. You can mix colours and styles as in ‘Boho chic’ really, anything goes.

Bohemian style means getting creative and going hand-made. It might that you want to have a go at making things for yourself, or maybe buying handmade items made by the experts to give your room that perfect gypsy look.

There is no doubt that vintage styles are popular now among home-makers and interior designers and are here to stay. With a relatively small amount of work, you can find the perfect things to put into your space and make your room a success.

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