Mirror Mirror on the Wall… Choosing the right mirror for your vintage style

One of the most popular style trends in homes over the past few years is the vintage look. Whether it’s quaint tea-sets with lacey tablecloths, a sixties-style radio and chunky wallpaper, or you are looking for a more natural, rustic cottage like feel to your home, vintage is definitely `in`. With the modern features that we have become accustomed to in our homes (such as TVs, gadgets or other electronic devices), a good balance needs to be found to enable your home to be comfortable whilst incorporating all of your needs.

Vintage wall mirrors are a good way to help to get the vintage style across. But there are many styles of mirrors around, both new and old, which can affect the look of your room.

Mirrors have been used in homes for a long time, both to give people the chance to see what they look like, but also as a feature on a wall – or free-standing in the room, so it is obvious that anyone who is looking for a vintage style room should be thinking about including mirrors in their interior design plans.

A Wall Mirror as a Main Feature

One way of giving your room an authentic vintage style is by creating a vintage main feature. This is something that draws the eye when you walk into the room. By using something vintage or vintage in style, you can effectively set the right tone for the rest of the room.

A great example for a vintage feature is furniture. This can make a real statement, but if you have no furniture – or none that you can use as a feature, you could use a memorable vintage wall mirror. Likewise, a vintage mirror can be the perfect accessory to a room which is already in the vintage style, giving the room the traditional benefits of having a mirror – giving it more light and giving the room a perception of more space, for example.

Choosing the Right Wall Mirror

Using mirrors in your home can have a number of effects in a room. Having a mirror near or opposite windows can bring extra light into the room as it can reflect the light that is coming in. Mirrors are also great for making a space look bigger as it can seem like the room is expanding through the mirror, and a carefully chosen mirror can even be a stunning alternative to a piece of artwork on the wall.

You can search for antique mirrors online or in antiques shops, or you can buy a new mirror which has been designed to look vintage. Whilst getting an `imitation vintage mirror` is a good option, a real vintage mirror can not only look the part, but also feel the part. And with a truly vintage mirror you will be putting a real piece of history into the room.

Vintage Style Room

When it comes to choosing the right vintage wall mirror, however, you need to choose the right one for the style of your room.

Although `vintage style` implies that everything in the room must be vintage, that is not actually the case. A few strategically placed `vintage` pieces will do the trick, so as long as your mirror is stylish and vintage looking, and the rest of your room isn’t too cluttered with other things, it can have a great impact. The trick to keeping it clean-looking and modern-vintage is to make features of a few objects – such as your mirror, some furniture or fabrics of the period. As long as the rest of the room fits with your colour scheme and are of a similar style, you will still be able to get the same effect.

Vintage Wall Mirrors

There are a number of different wall mirror styles, all of which have been popular over the ages and depending on what the overall feel of your room is, different mirrors will be effective.

Some people might go for a rustic, fairly chunky framed mirror, whilst others might prefer a more elegant and delicate looking mirror. Some might like unusual shapes, separated small mirrors or enormous mirrors which can take up the whole wall.

What is important is that if you choose one which is stylish, that creates the light effect that you are after and fits in either as a main feature or smaller accessory, your mirror can create a highly effective impact on your room.

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