What a window mirror can add to your living room

Your living room is usually the place where you and your family spend most time when you are at home. It's where you relax and watch TV and where you talk about the day you have had. You want it to be a room which is spacious and comfortable, and where you do not all feel crammed in and claustrophobic.

For this reason, adding the feeling of space to a living room is always a good idea. You may not realise it, but adding a simple window mirror to the room can help you to do this.

What is a window mirror?

The design of a window mirror is intended to imitate the appearance of an actual window. There is a wide range of window mirrors, in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can choose a modern square shape to fit with a contemporary design or a more ornate arch shape to elicit a traditional feel.

These mirrors have come into their own in recent years, as a 'must have' of interior design, having traditionally been used outside. Historically, this type of mirror was often used to enhance the appearance of an ornate garden, and create the illusion of a secret space to explore.

Now, you can use a window mirror to add the feeling of space to your living room. You can also use this type of mirror to create an unusual feature that is certain to catch the eye next time you have visitors.

A unique talking point for your living room

You can choose a design of window mirror that is perfectly suited to the overall style of your living room, while standing out enough to be a real talking point. Window mirrors can be made from different woods and metals and can be created in the colour that you are looking for. A pristine white frame may be ideal in a contemporary living space, whereas a shabby chic creation may suite a more relaxed living area which still has a modern vibe.

Whichever material and colour you choose, you can obtain a piece of interior décor that is hand made with precision. The crafts people who create these mirrors pay great attention to detail creating a mirror that is finished to a high standard.

Creating space with a window mirror

As we mentioned at the start, a living room needs to have a feeling of space, so that everyone can truly relax at the end of the day, or over the weekend. Very few homes have vast living rooms, so it's always useful to be able to be able to create a feeling of extra space. Using a window mirror helps you to do this.

You can place a window mirror on a wall that is directly opposite the actual window in your living room. The mirror reflects the outdoor view that can be seen through the window. This gives the impression that there are two windows in the room which naturally increases the feeling of space.

Window mirrors can also be used to break up a large collection of art in a room, or a highly decorative wallpaper pattern. An overly busy looking wall can make a living room feel claustrophobic, so using a window mirror in this way is a good idea.

The versatility of a window mirror

Window mirrors can be used anywhere throughout your home, not just in the living room. One of the most popular places to use these mirrors is in a narrow hallway. They can be placed at the end of the hall, to create a feeling of extra length and width. They can also be placed opposite a small hallway window, to magnify the amount of space and light that it creates.

Kitchens can also benefit from the use of a window mirror. This is especially useful if you have a relatively small kitchen in your home. The kitchen can be the hub of many activities in the home including cooking, eating and socialising. You want your kitchen to be a bright and inviting place to spend time. Placing a window mirror on the wall opposite the actual window, or in darker recesses between cabinets, can help to make this happen. 

Window mirrors are highly versatile interior décor items. They can add a vital sense of space to your living room, and other rooms in your home. They can also help to freshen up the style of your home by creating a fresh splash of interest and colour.

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