Dining Tables

The dining table is the place for family gatherings, intimate evening meals and now a place to spread out papers and laptops for work. It has to be a resilient and tough, but such a key piece can also define the style of the rest of the room. 

Our collection features a variety of designs, which have been carefully selected from locations around the globe, whether it be a vintage Indian tent table or a sustainably sourced reclaimed Elm piece. 

All of our tables are ready for immediate delivery or collection from store.

Tall Folding Wood & Iron Tent Table - 122cm
Blue Wooden Dining Table - 180cm
Copper Dining Table - 210cm
Round Iron Table Narrow Base
The Patina Table - 150cm
Extra Long Iron Table with Wooden Top - 302cm
Metal Dining Table - 210cm
Sold Out
Natural Wood Dining Table - 210cm
Wooden Folding Dining Table - 183cm
Iron and Wood Round Table - Small
Sold Out
Wood and Iron Tent Table - 152cm
Wood and Iron Tent Table - 180cm
Dark Wood and Iron Tent Table - 180cm
Natural Wooden Dining Table - 210cm
Rustic Wooden Table - 140cm
Rustic Wooden Table - 180cm
Circular Iron Table - 122cm
Wood and Iron Console Table - 183cm
Wood and Iron Console Table - 180cm
Extra Long Table with Dark Wooden Top - 300cm
Extra Long Wooden Dining Table - 405cm
Westcote Farmhouse Dining Table - 300cm
Vintage Blue and Brown Wooden Table - 183cm